Only 20% of customers are repeat customer

Freshlime – Generating Repeating Business

Program code(s): FLP

The Freshlime Repeating Business Program (FLP) is the product of a joint-venture between Really Successful and Freshlime, an automated marketing platform for the local services space.

The Challenge

Small business invest heavily in online marketing to create exposure and leads, hopefully translating into sales. Most online marketing vendors are looking for new technologies and techniques to shine in competitive markets like SEO, Google / Facebook Advertising, Social Marketing, Local listing, etc. The challenge is all the lost revenue from failing to convert existing customers into repeat customers. After spending a fortune on getting that first sale, many businesses are leaving tons of cash on the table by failing to get repeat business.

Solution & Opportunity

If you could show a client how to double (or even triple) their business without investing in SEO or Advertising, would that be good? If you could tap into a marketing with virtually no competition, and a guaranteed method to provide ROI, would that be great? Here's how FLP can do that:

  • Virgin market – virtually no competition, since they're the clients existing customers. 
  • Cutting edge CRM technology that has the ability to replace a full advertising agency.
  • Trained marketing team dedicated to the client success, working on your behalf.
  • Irresistible offer – 3x ROI Guaranteed or they don’t pay!

And much, much more!

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