560,000 new businesses open in the United 

States every month. They all need local listings.

iProfitLocal - Local Listings & SEO

Program code(s): IPL

iProfitLocal (IPL) encapsulate top Local Listing technology and SEO solutions with an innovative marketing strategy and sales funnel, to create a best in class, longtime success, local-marketing program.

Need & Opportunity

548,000 new businesses are launched each month in the USA, the bulk of which are small local businesses. Each of these businesses MUST list their business on local sites and directories and keep it updated. The local listing industry for new businesses alone is $1.3Bn and much more if we include established businesses that need centralized and ongoing maintenance of their listings.

Local Listing is a key service needed to optimize a site search ranking, and for that reason is a very easy and effective starter product for selling full SEO services, tapping into the $29Bn SEO market and a growing $5Bn reputation management market.

Capitalizing on this opportunity

Marketers worry about prospecting for customers and fulfilling demand.

ReallySuccessful has secured the industry’s leading Local Listing platform and is working with a white label SEO Companies, to ensure that fulfillment is done for you. We have also crafted a unique and innovative marketing plan including prospecting and sales tools that will enable easy and low cost lead generation. 

Making sure your time investment is minimal while enabling a rapid scale up of your operation made this program a long-time winner for our Local Marketers Members.

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