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Instafy Influencer Marketing for eCommerce

Program code(s): IFY

provides online marketers and eTailers with the ability find the perfect product-market fit and generate masses of cheap-converting-traffic using Instagram based influencers marketing.

Instagram has 400 million active users, and the lion's share of them are monied, young, and spend like crazy. The challenge for marketers who want to reach them is simple: Instagram is an 'insiders' game. Those with influence, and have hundreds of thousands or millions of followers, rule this marketing universe. 

The Challenge

If you are a newcomer to influencers based marketing, you have little to no chance to reach out to that hungry market, en masse, because you have no influence. What if you could get a 'super influencer' to give your highly desirable product a shout-out? How surprised would you be to find out that these super-influencers can be persuaded to give you that shout-out for pennies on the dollar?

The Solution and Opportunity

Instafy cracks the code of getting influencers to help you move tons of merchandise, get thousands of 'likes' and 'follows', and do it all without spending one cent on traditional advertising. Imagine your product picture, displayed on an Instagram account with millions of followers as a Shout-Out from the owner of that account, and getting hundreds or even thousands of new followers to YOUR Instagram account in just an hour or two. How could you find such an influencer? What product picture should you use? How might you handle the flood of hungry buyers, eager to snap up your wares? The answer is Instafy.

  • Find the right product for the right audience
  • Find the top influencers to market your offer 
  • Create Influencers marketing campaigns for pennies on the dollar
  • Scale up rapidly

This program fits eTailers , people who wish to setup an ecommerce business and those who want to succeed in affiliate marketing for ecommerce.

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