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Automated Website System

Program code(s): IPW

Automated Website System uses innovative technology and marketing techniques to completely change the scale and time in which marketers can prospect and close new website deals.

The Market

There's a crying need for website building and services. Less than 3% of all businesses build their own websites. That means more than 97% of all business websites are created and maintained by Web designers and webmasters, translating into billions of dollars of revenue for site creation, maintenance, and housekeeping services.

The Challenge for Local Marketing Consultants

Large companies such as, Yellow-Pages, ReachLocal, Local Newspapers and Directories deploy an army of sales reps and call-centers that crowd the market. How can a local marketing consultant compete against the Big Guns, and truly help local businesses?

The Solution (and Opportunity)

Automated Website System allows you to scale your prospecting to be on par with large companies like Yellow Pages. With its sophisticated technology, you could be engaging and enticing potential clients with almost no interaction, on autopilot. Best of all, you'll be able to deliver the fulfillment power of a super agency! Here's how:

  • Finding relevant clients - Find old, unattractive, non-mobile responsive websites in seconds.
  • Prospecting – use our cutting-edge scraper extension, connected to one of the industry’s leading website builder, to build beautiful mock websites in minutes.
  • Engage – use our SMS/Emailing system to engage with the prospect, showcasing the new mock website and enticing them to buy a full website and additional services. 
  • Scale – Our training methods will allow you to easily scale to thousands of websites prospecting per month.

And much, much more!

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