Automatically increase site conversion 

and engagement


Program code(s): APL / MLA / LSS

Automated Chat Agent (ACA), a chat-bot which mimics a live chat agent for websites, is a proven technology for website owners to engage, support and convert their website visitors into leads.


Millions of businesses with an online presence are spending billions of dollars on ad campaigns, SEO, and other marketing means to get people to visit their websites. Once the visitor gets there, however, that visitor wanders off because nobody from the business engaged with the visitor. What if there was a way to engage those visitors, and convert them to leads, without having to hire live 'chat agents' to do the job?


Automated Chat Agent, which has been continuously demonstrating very high conversion rates (5% +), will help capture those visitors which would be lost because nobody engaged with them. This is mature technology, and works across all industries. ACA provides an autonomous “as live” chat agent that can be easily text-scripted to engage any visitors in any industry and convert them to leads. It requires no prior technical training and no coding.

White Label Reseller Opportunity

This is a huge, growing market. This innovative technology can be easily implemented on any site without tech/marketing experience:

  • Set once, and forgot – no ongoing work. 
  • Ability to offer free trial and show immediate results. 
  • Several successful business models (pay-per-lead or SaaS -- Software as a Service) can be implemented to generate $2000+ accounts per year.

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